The Angels Know His Name - Louise Taylor

    Well his back is partially bent
    from a lifetime hard and spent
    and his teeth are nearly black
    from the liquor and tobacco
    and he walks with a crutch
    his pain holstered at his hip
    and the voices in his head
    bring strange words unto his lips
    but he don't complain
    'cause the angels know his name

    Well he photographed the war
    took a wife in '44
    a scholarly gentleman
    with three lovely children
    and he captured some truth
    took it all for black and white
    but it slipped past his lens
    and lodged like scrapnel in his sight
    and he never saw the same
    but the angels know his name

    and they lifted him up
    and laid his troubles down
    on a green narrow couch
    in a dirty flat downtown

    Well two flights up
    and a half flight down
    there's a concerned neighbor knocking
    there the lock hangs in it's keep
    and a clock marks his age old sleep
    beside a fallen wall of books
    a solo seat awaits
    and a naked lightbulb expectantly
    dangles its' chain
    but he won't pull again
    'cause the angels know his name

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words