Dangerous - Louise Taylor

    I'm a warm wind
    blowin' in your summer kitchen
    I'm a cool breeze
    squeezin' through your backdoor
    won't say, for sure, how long
    I will stay
    'cause I like danger
    danger in a dangerous way

    I'm a tight wire
    I'm a tattoo where the sun don't shine
    I'm a leotard
    watch me leaping in the spotlight
    one more time
    I'm a free fall down your black hole
    and I like danger
    danger and it's a dangerous world

    When I grow up
    I'll never grow up so tall
    I'll wear mother's high heels
    on little bare feet still small

    I'll take your married man
    and I'll give him back again
    I'll take your junky
    and I'll hold him while I can
    I'm your lover I'm your Mother Theresa
    I like danger,
    I'll take your danger when it comes
    out to git ya

    I'm a cigarette
    and I'm burning down my house
    I'm a tight skirt like a bracelet
    I'm a pretty silk blouse
    I'm a wheel that's turning
    in against itself, you could say
    I like danger,
    danger in a dangerous way

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words