Katie's Smile - Louise Taylor

    Katie's smile
    a clean apple bit
    taste it and chew
    real slow
    there's room to graze
    between her pearly whites
    and catch your breath
    where the crooked branches grow

    We practiced kissing
    on the limbs of the poplar
    bark and skin
    arms around each other
    we kissed those trees
    till they caught the fire
    of Katie's smile

    Katie rides a long-legged bay
    and she curries his coat
    with a handful of hay
    she shoes the flies
    and rubs the tears away
    whistles I-wish-I-will
    on a blue Colorado day

    Neighbors talk
    how she walks the line
    picked a husband
    like her daddy this time
    when she waves him gone
    they'll read between the lines
    of Katie's smile

    Katies gone
    with the wind off a semi
    and she sleeps in the trailer
    on a bed of pine
    and her hair falls around her
    a wheat field of summer sighs
    while her big bay whinnies
    on a snowy rise

    Throw your saddle
    and your chaps in the back boy
    kick the dust
    and tip your cowboy hat
    some things can't be caught
    with a lariat
    that's Katie's smile

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words