My Town - Louise Taylor

    I stretch these legs across
    the many cracks in the sidewalk
    this old sidewalk I marked
    with chalk when I was new
    and the bridge that joins
    one side to the other
    crosses water that has made
    its long slow passage through
    my town, my town

    Let me bend down to kiss your
    wrinkled pathways
    'cause I love to stroll you
    time and time again
    and I will never grow tired
    of leaning in your alleys
    to watch the sun and shadow
    sketch your features in

    Is it strange that I should
    come to love steeples and stone
    as if they were an old companion?
    You are my flesh, my bone
    my wilderness, my canyon
    my town, my town

    Many lovers have cast
    their pennies to your windows
    like wishing wells and waited for reply
    they have come and gone
    but I'm still waiting
    by the banks of your river
    by your skylined sky

    Is it strange that I should come to love
    these things that I know
    as if they were new?
    Well I walk your streets
    like the moon walks a cloudy sky
    in and out of view through
    my town

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words