Casual Match - Mitchell Froom, Suzanne Vega

    I only turned to see
    What hand had set this inner field alight
    Against the flame I see
    The outline of a man against a night

    Take back your sympathy
    I do not need to drink that bitter stuff
    I'd rather break the thread
    That bound us close, and say we called a bluff

    A casual match
    In a very dry field
    What could be
    The season's yield?

    My eyes have gone to coal
    It's nothing I would be concerned about
    Observe the moment
    When the heat of love becomes the chill of doubt

    A casual match
    In a very dry field
    Fire and ash
    Is the season's yield

    We look for a sign
    But it is not revealed
    Fire and ash is the
    Season's yield

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words