Dixie Beauxderant - Anderson, Baird

    Well she was born down in Thibodaux, Louisian'
    the victim of a short attention span
    she stayed in school just long enough
    to say that she can  quit
    she got a job working with her aunt
    graveyard shift down at the Curad plant
    she saved up her money bought a
    Greyhound ticket and split

    I said c'mon dixie, dixie beauxderant
    c'mon dixie who says you can't
    c'mon dixie, little dixie beauxderant

    down in Pensacola, Florida
    thinking that leaving might of been a mistake
    when Tina pulled up in black '82 Trans-Am
    Tina says, well I hate my boss
    but I love to party
    and I know a bar where we won't get carded
    you can crash at the trailor
    my drunk daddy he don't give a damn

    (repeat chorus)

    well they pulled into the parking lot
    and saw a fancy sign that said
    wet t-shirt contest every Saturday night
    when Tina looked at Dixie and said one of us
    could when that prize
    well Tina didn't win because she danced to Twisted Sister
    but when Dixie told the dj "Gimme Three Steps" mister
    all the gentlemen in the audience began to rise

    (repeat chous)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words