Borderline - Joni Mitchell

    Everybody looks so ill at ease
    So distrustful so displeased
    Running down the table
    I see a borderline
    Like a barbed wire fence
    Strung tight, strung tense
    Prickling with pretense
    A borderline

    Why are you smirking at your friend?
    Is this to be the night when
    All well-wishing ends?
    All credibility revoked?
    Thin skin, thick jokes!
    Can we blame it on the smoke
    This borderline?

    Every bristling shaft of pride
    Church or nation
    Team or tribe
    Every notion we subscribe to
    Is just a borderline
    Good or bad, we think we know
    As if thinking makes things so!
    All convictions grow along a borderline

    Smug in your jaded expertise
    You scathe the wonder world
    And you praise barbarity
    In this illusionary place--
    This scared hard-edged rat race
    All liberty is laced with

    Every income, every age
    Every fashion-plated rage
    Every measure, every gauge
    Creates a borderline
    Every stone thrown through glass
    Every mean-streets-kick ass
    Every swan caught on the grass
    Will draw a borderline

    You snipe so steady
    You snub so snide--
    So ripe and ready
    To diminish and deride!
    You're so quick to condescend
    My opinionated friend
    All you deface, all you defend
    Is just a borderline
    Just a borderline ...
    Another borderline ...
    Just a borderline

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words