Turbulent Indigo - Joni Mitchell

    You wanna make Van Goghs
    Raise 'em up like sheep
    Make 'em out of Eskimos
    And women if you please
    Make 'em nice and normal
    Make 'em nice and neat
    You see him with his shotgun there?
    Bloodied in the wheat?
    Oh what do you know about
    Living in Turbulent Indigo?

    Brash fields, crude crows
    In a scary sky ...
    In a golden frame
    Roped off
    Tourists guided by ...
    Tourists talking about the madhouse
    Talking about the ear
    The madman hangs in fancy homes
    They wouldn't let him near!
    He'd piss in their fireplace!
    He'd drag them through Turbulent Indigo

    "I'm a burning hearth," he said
    "People see the smoke
    But no one comes to warm themselves
    Sloughing off a coat
    And all my little landscapes
    All my yellow afternoons
    Stack up around this vacancy
    Like dirty cups and spoons
    No mercy Sweet Jesus!
    No mercy from Turbulent Indigo."

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words