Wichita Skyline - Shawn Colvin, John Leventhal

    Down at the train they go to Independence everyday
    But anywhere else now seems like a million miles away
    And I must have been high to believe that I would ever leave
    Now I'm just a flat fine line like the Wichita skyline

    I rode on the airstream across the great lonesome afternoon
    I wished hard enough to hurt, drove fast enough to catch the moon
    But I must have been dreaming again 'cause there's nothing around the bend
    Except for that flat fine line, the Wichita skyline

    As far as Salina I can get that good station from LaRue
    I'm searching the dial while I'm scanning the sky for a patch of blue
    And I watch the black clouds roll in chasing me back again
    Back to the flat fine line, the Wichita skyline

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words