The Fourteenth Of Februaury - Billy Bragg

    I wish that I could remember the first moment that we met
    If only I could remember that sweet moment when we met
    If I knew then that I
    Would spend the rest of my life with you I imagine
    I would have held your gaze a little longer
    When first our eyes met

    Did it rain or did sunshine attend our first meeting?
    What words were said? What weight given to that first greeting?
    My diary doesn't help
    I don't even mention your name until that summer
    When bloomed the
    Seed sown on the first day that we met

    I know the date, I know the place where it happened
    Yet in my mind, the scene I recall is imagined
    As we grow old I'm sure
    There will be moments that we will not forget
    But I would
    Remember something of the moment that we met


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words