Hey, Baby, Hey - Greg Brown

    the sea was rollin' in slate gray
    I looked at you and I looked away
    I was cryin'
    because I was happy

    I didn't want you to see
    I was afraid of such mystery
    and afraid of losing
    so afraid of losing

    later on on a balcony
    we had a good talk and we felt free
    I was comin' to you from far away
    light was dim but you showed me the way
    in your arms all I could say was
    hey baby hey baby hey baby hey

    my heart was torn I'd made up my mind
    I'd keep to myself and just be kind
    and need nothing
    just need nothing

    love my folks my kids my friends
    and make it on through to the end
    no more suffering
    over loving

    you get to me like old time religion did
    in my heart when I was a kid
    you're sweet gospel music to my ears
    you know how to ease all my fears
    and from my heart to yours all I can say is
    hey baby hey baby hey baby hey

    and as we go on through the deal I
    I know that we won't always feel
    real wonderful
    life ain't like that

    but I want to stay right by your side
    check out the view enjoy the ride
    with all our loved ones

    I want to plant a little garden with you now
    take care of a piece of the earth somehow
    and tend it when we're old and gray and
    try to straighten up and say, well,
    I'm so glad to see you today
    hey baby hey baby hey baby hey

    Copyright © 1996 Hacklebarney Music


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