Dagw' Nghariadi - Traditional Welsh



    Dacw 'nghariad i lawr yn y berllan,
    0! na bawn i yno fy hunan, 
    Dacw'r ty a dacw'r sgubor, 
    Dacw ddrws y beudy'n agor.

    Dacw'r delyn, dacw'r tannau,
    Beth wyf well heb neb i 'w chwarae; 
    Dacw'r feinwen hoenus fanwl,
    Beth wyf nes heb gael ei meddwl?

    Rhoes fy mryd ar eneth dirion,
    Hon sy' bron a thorri 'nghalon;
    A bu'n achos idd,i hithau
    Wylo peth amdanaf finnau.


    (Trad. )

    There is my love down in the orchard
    0! that I were there myself
    There is the house and there is the barn
    There is the door of the cowshed op- ening

    There is the harp and there are the strings
    What good are they with no one to play them?
    There is the lively careful maiden 
    How much nearer am I without knowing her will? 

    I set my mind on winning a gentle young girl
    Who has almost broken my heart
    And there was reason for her, too,
    to weep a little for my sake.


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words