Da Fayerdike Libe - Traditional Yiddish


    (as sung by Bronya Sakina, born 1915 in the Southern Ukraine)

    Di fayerdike libe
    zi tit in maynem hartsn brenen --
    vos kimt aroys indzer libn zakh
    az mlr kenen zikh nisht nemen?

    Oy, shildik iz dayn tote
    un shildlk iz dayn mome
    un shildik bisti , dushenyu
    merer fun zey ale.

    Oy, gonve aroys dayne kleyder,
    un b'olt zey tsvishn kuren
    un mfr 'eln beyde in a kleyn shteytele
    antlofn gevorn.

    In a kleyn shteytele,
    tsvishn fremde mentshn,
    oy, ver-zhe vet indz tsu der khipe flrn
    un ver-zhe vet indz bentshn?

    In a kleyn shteytele,
    tsvishn fremde mentshn,
    malukhim veIn indz tsu der khlpe firn
    un der ziser Got vet indz bentshn.


    This fiery love
    Which burns my heart --
    How will our love work out,
    Since we can't marry each other?

    Guilty is your father
    And guilty is your mother,
    And guilty are you, sweetheart,
    More than all of them.

    Steal your clothes away,
    And hide them amongst the grain,
    And we'll both run away to a' small shtetl(1)

    In a small shtetl 
    Among strangers,
    Who will lead us to the khupe(2)
    And who will bless us?

    In a little shtetl,
    Among strangers,
    Angels will lead us to the khupe
    And sweet God Himself will bless us.

    (1) shtetl = village
    (2) khupe = wedding canopy


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words