Gary's Blues - Frank Christian

    There's not a sound in this unhopeful room
    Just lost children left like unpaid bills
    So this is love's leaving left so soon
    And it seems that daddy can't sit still
    Tell me pretty baby what went wrong
    Is your fear of poverty so grand
    Why did you hesitate and prolong
    Was it all part of some plan

    We pawned all our souvenirs
    Makes your leaving so unclear
    I must learn to lead my life without you
    It's a lick and a promise
    You're just some Doubting Thomas
    I sit with these IOUs

    I can't hide with my whiskey anymore
    You're misgiving the worst thing I'll regret
    But as I sit I'll have just one more pour
    And smoke another cigarette

    © 1985 by Frank Christian


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words