Al Cormier - Jack Hardy

    today Al Cormier is going to die
    he has lain on his death bed for many a night
    breaking the heart of Carolyn his child
    but the winds of his life, they are no longer wi Id

    he was only a windsman, he worked with his hands
    yet he's known as an honest and helpful man
    his wealth that he gathered was many strong friends
    who passed by his grave when he came to his end

    there was old "Joe the roofer," a penniless bum
    who squandered his life on whiskey and on rum
    but whenever he was down and his pocket was a-hurting
    he would run to Al Cormier and Al Cormier would give him work

    there was Glista the judge who came covered with robes
    so deep and distinguished and so very cold
    but he was only one of the thousands who did cry
    and his tears they fell harder than his gavel that night

    you talk of the kingdom and the powerful pen
    of men who would like to be followed by men
    but to the working man these dreams are just far away games
    for they have neither the time nor the money to play

    i watched young Carolyn down on her knees
    as her father was dying of a dreadful disease
    and i thought of the wealth spent on wars and on hate
    but death, it is only the living man's fate

    by Jack Hardy © 1985 John s. Hardy Music Co. ASCAP


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