By Then - Lillie Palmer, Gladys Bragg

    Just thought I'd drop you a little note
    Did you get our check?
    Your brother's birthday is coming up
    Please don't forget.
    The crocuses are blooming
    It's my favorite time of year--
    Sitting on the patio
    Wishing you were here...

    Jim just got another promotion
    He made your father so very proud.
    Too bad you never finished college
    You'd have a decent job by now...
    Not that we mind giving you money
    When it's ours to give
    What will you do when we're not here
    How do you expect to live?

    They all missed you at the reunion
    It was quite a feast.
    Won't you drop a line to Grandma
    She seems to be getting so weak
    She still asks for you and walks through
    The orchard when the weather is fair
    I read her the Bible but sometimes
    It's as if she isn't there...
    There. ..

    Your father is in the rock garden
    He's having trouble with his back
    I wish he'd be a little more careful
    He might die of a heart attach
    You were the easiest one to be born
    Did I ever mention that?

    Carolyn just had a new baby
    She and Bob moved into their home
    I picture you there in the city
    In that cold apartment all alone
    The last time we saw you
    You were so skinny
    You were nothing but bone
    I'm sending the sweater I've been knitting for you
    A check for the telephone...

    Whatever happened to that young man
    Who seemed so crazy about you
    Did you say his father was a doctor or have you
    Found someone new

    I think I better start dinner
    Call your father in from the yard
    He needs to keep so very busy
    What will we do when he retires?
    Sell the house and we'll travel
    Visit our far away friends
    We'll sleep well at night 'cause I know in my heart
    You'll be married by then...
    By then...

    Lyrics by Palmer & Bragg
    Music by Lillie Palmer
    © 1984 Palmer & Bragg


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