Jane - Andrew Calhoun

    You made a mistake
    That brought you to pain
    You made a mistake
    Didn't you, Jane?

    There by your side, pretending to love you
    There by your side, standing above you
    You made a mistake, don't know what it is
    If the baby is yours or the baby is his

    [Repeat Refrain]

    You don't like his baby fat
    You don't like his favorite hat
    When the sun goes down, I'll bet you are sad
    I bet you are missing your mother and dad
    Your sister's heart, and your brother's head
    And your own room, with a private bed

    [Repeat Refrain]

    He's the first man who told you he loved you
    He's the first man who told you he loved you
    Who are you to tell people apart?
    Who are you to break a man's heart?
    You could've said no, but you didn't know how
    You did not tell him then, and you can't tell him now

    [Repeat Refrain]

    Who can explain? Who can say why?
    Who is the spider and who is the fly?
    Who is the liar and who is the lie?
    Count on the baby to teach you to cry
    Count on the baby to fill up your mind
    To lead you to forests, and leave you behind
    In clouds of dust, in pouring rain
    You made a mistake didn't you Jane?

    © 1979 by Andrew Calhoun


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words