Nickel and Dime - Cliff Eberhardt

    Baby baby can I please come home
    do you promise not to be too mad?

    I went away to try and make a little
    money and a little money is all I have.

    But I subscribe to the old belief
    for what you pay you deserve to get.

    But if I was to buy your love
    I would only go deeper in debt.

    Well I don't know exactly what you want
    I would like to know what you need
    if you want the things that the rich life brings
    then whatever did you see in me?

    I would like our lives to be a little bit easy
    must it be so bad to survive?

    When they cut the cords to decide my fate
    who the hell dealt me Nickel & Dime?

    Nickel & Dime, Nickel & Dime
    It seems to almost suit my style
    Nickel & Dime
    Nickel & Dime, Nickel & Dime
    and if I were rich I would still be
    Nickel & Dime

    You can't judge a man by the clothes he wears
    you can't judge a man by his shoes

    But I treat you better than I treat myself
    what the hell have you got to lose?

    And I like to gamble, like to take a chance
    I like to lay my money on the line
    but if you raise that bet I'm going to have to drop out
    'cause all I got are Nickels and Dimes

    [Repeat Chorus]

    I can't believe you're ashamed of me
    this is the way that I've always been

    You're a fool to listen to what they say
    'cause I'm doin' the best I can.

    So why did you give me that new nickname
    'cause I like my old name just fine?
    Now when I pass the window at the automat
    they shout there goes Nickel & Dime

    You can dress me up Id still be Nickel & Dime

    [Repeat Chorus]

    © 1984 by Cliff Eberhardt


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words