Will Ye No Come Back - Scott Alarik

    (Chorus from the Scottish Jacobite ballad, "Bonnie Charlie")

    As he packed his things to go
    She stood beside the open door
    Said, love, I'll miss you; that you know
    Knew that she could not do more
    As he opened the narrow gate
    Toward dreams too large, left still too long
    That he might think of her someday
    She sang to him an old song

    Will ye no come back again
    Will ye no come back again
    Better loved ye can'na' be
    Will ye no come back to me

    But some leave to find their dreams to be
    Further away the more they roam
    Through friendless towns; cross storm-tossed seas
    Hard his times and e'er alone
    Endless days and cold, cold nights
    Down countless roads, in restless sleep
    Her song would come so pure and light
    A quilt of down, him warm to keep

    Now when longer grow the nights
    Chill the autumn winds do blow
    He'll watch the geese in quiet flight
    Who o'er the brown-gold meadows go
    While round the crackling hearth they be
    He'll think how cold and hard it was then
    And oh, how well this one here loved me
    He'll say, love, then sing me your song again

    © 1983 by Scott Alarik


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words