Anna Maria - Richard Chanel

    Anna Maria, with eyes that are warm and steel-blue.
    Walkin' toward Sloane Square, on her way from La Cage Aux Folles Deux.
    London is hung with a mist, which she wears like a veil.
    Anna Maria, it's magic the streetlamps reveal.

    It's autumn in Sydney and summer is coming to Rome.
    One is your homeland, the other one more like your home.
    The Kings Road is quiet, except for your breath in my ear.
    Anna Maria, it's so good just having you near.

    Anna Maria, the Mediterranean winds
    Have captured my heart as your kisses have captured my skin.
    Italy calls with a voice that's as clear as a bell.
    Anna Maria, my love is as deep as a well.

    Anna Maria, with hair that's as fine as the sand.
    Tilt your head sideways and let the grains run through my hands.
    The Thames is as still as a child who's lost in a dream.
    Anna Maria, we'll Jet the dawn pass by unseen.

    © 1983 by Richard Chanel, Winged Lion


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words