Celibacy - Marcie Boyd

    Everybody's always singing love songs, turtle-dove songs, moon-up-above songs
    Everyone's exclaiming or proclaiming or declaiming
    on the subject of maintaining a romance
    But have they really entertained
    an impulse to remain restrained
    When all the world is falling in a trance?

          (Part I)
    1. Celibacy, there's something to be said for celibacy 
    It's nothing to be dreaded
    Try it and see
    That you're fun to be alone with
    (It's not a myth!)

    2. Celibacy, its joys are quite unparallelibacy
    Though when its passion seems unquellibacy
    It's a helluva situation!

    But what a vacation from your pair bond, or your paramour, or your serial monogamy
    Or your wild oats, or your wedded bliss
    Or your unchecked promiscuity

    3. Celibacy, no nights in seedy old motelibacy
    There'll be no messy infidelibacy, or jealibacy
    Or tearful farewellibacy
    Try celibacy today!

           (Part II)
    4.  In a nutshellibacy
    Although it shouldn't be compellibacy
    A certain kind of personnelibacy
    Thrives on celibacy
    It's true, so don't feel blue (or weird!)
    5.  Take it from me, I once thought love was immortelibacy
    But now I know that was a fallibacy
    Only celibacy endures
    Of this I'm sure

    So if your co-unit is tired of doin' it
    Or she's grossed out by your fantasies
    Or she wants to, but not with you
    Or maybe one of you has got a disease

    6.  It's just as wellibacy
    The future's always unforetellibacy
    So make the present really swellibacy
    Get mellow-bacy
    Celebrate, don't delay!
    Try celibacy
    You might as wellibacy
    Try celibacy today!
    (You can always change your mind tomorrow!)

    © 1983 by Marcie Boyd


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words