Dublin Farewell - Jack Hardy

    I carried your memory on a chain around my neck
    as I walked the streets of Dublin all alone
    and everywhere the people asked what was it that you fled
    what was it brought you here so far from home
    but all I could tell myself was little bits of lies
    and try to build myself into a man
    there's nothing like love to cut you down to size
    and show what you can do and what you can't

    I met a girl with green eyes who teased me for a while
    and showed me just how desperate I am
    but when all I see is blue skies for so many miles
    how can one cloud cause so much rain
    but I'm clutching to a memory that has no right to live
    that has no right to call itself by name
    wanting to share my dreams with nothing left to give
    but love knows no al ibis or shame

    With my hands in my pockets and my collar inside out
    I walked through county kerry in the rain
    watching the fishing boats fight an angry sea
    a tiny dot of strength in so much pain
    there is a phantom lighthouse draws the sailors to their deaths
    whatever life gives it also takes
    but still they find a need to sail the sea they're just fools like me
    I guess we never learn from our mistakes

    © 1978 and 1983 John S. Hardy Music Co.


    Marco Giunco
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