It Was One of Those Mornings - Sheldon Biber

    It was one of those mornings
    A cockroach woke up
    Thinking he was Kafka
    A man who believed the Earth was flat
    Fell Into the Grand Canyon
    Two women riding on a crosstown bus
    Got off at Poughkeepsie
    A schizophrenic caught himself cheating at cards
    And refused to talk to himself
    A woman with three breasts
    Gave birth to quadruplets
    A night watchman who had spent a third of his life dreaming about freedom
    Developed insomnia
    A struggling artist became a landlord
    In order to devote more time to his art
    A poet who claimed she was doing research on the bodies of men
    Lost it all when her freezer defrosted
    A Midwestern governor imposed Stop-and-Frisk laws
    At all nudist camps
    A bisexual schizophrenic
    Said he didn't need anybody
    A woman cursed with the power of total recall
    Remembered everything at once
    A man who believed the Earth was round
    Fell into the Grand Canyon
    A cockroach woke up
    It was one of those mornings

    1983 by Sheldon Biber

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words