Goin' Down at Old Long Beach - Sherwood Ross

    Oh send me back to college
    Let me study carnal knowledge
    I'm going back to that Long Beach U.
    Sign me up, Professor Barry
    In your course for making merry
    I know I'll study harder under you...

    I want to earn my credentials
    Where learning's stripped to its essentials
    And homework can be oh so gay
    I know my heart will be beating
    When your psych class takes up cheating
    I'm gonna love a prof who'll say...


    Don't bring me an apple, Eve
    I'll just pluck a peach
    'Cause my sweet tooth
    Craves the naked truth
    When I teach at Long Beach

    Oh send me back to college Let me study carnal knowledge
    I'm gonna follow Dr. Barry's course outline
    And if I flunk the work on morals
    I'll have to retake all my orals
    But the math's easy, just add six and nine...

    (The anser is 18 and over)

    No silly pany raids for me
    We've gone back to A-B-C
    Study hard, you're sure to get ahead
    Last night's homework was divine
    I'm glad I got it in on time
    I don't mind the cramming late in bed...

    I was pulling an "A" in napping
    Knew the sound of one tongue lapping
    When Barry resigned hurriedly on day
    Now if coeds give its gratis
    Since he gave up his pro status
    But I'll still sing his praises anyway...

    [Repeat Chorus]

    No, don't be hard on Barry
    He was only making merry
    Down at old Long Beach...

    Seriously folks, California State
    Long Beach is a great school...
    And there's plenty of student parking...

    Barry would greet you with a howdy
    You could graduate cum laude
    Down at old Long Beach...

    Oh. Barry...I'm coming...Barry...Barry...Barry!
    Oh, Barry, I've matriculated!

    © 1983 Sherwood Ross

    *The story of the California State University (Long Beach) psychology professor who allegedly assigned extramarital sex and gay sex for homework made national headlines last year. The professor was accused of, among other things, having too much of that "personal touch" for sane students. Sherwood Ross turned the story of Professor Barry's psychology of sex class into a song. At press time, Professor Barry was suing the University.


    Marco Giunco
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