Freshmen - Willie Nininger

    Fifteen years old, first day of school
    New clothes, hair combed, stumble into homeroom
    With braces on my teeth and loafers on my feet
    I was the adolescent parody of social insecurity

    Acting so affected got dejected at the dances
    Drinking soda in the corners while the older ones took chances
    With the debutantes and bon vivants from influential families
    I was unsung, unstrung and ill a ease

    Freshman; what a terrible year
    Tension, manic depression, delusion, fear...

    On the junior varsity football team
    I was serving my time to fill that high school dream
    With a mouth guard in my mouth, white socks on my feet
    So many pads I could barely breathe
    During the National Anthem Oh say could I see
    Everybody on the field was bigger than me

    But I'd been conditioned, I took my position
    Saw that fullback coming like a black steam engine
    Like I'd been taught I stuck my shoulder in his buckle
    Like he'd been brought up he smashed my face with his knuckle
    I came to, asking what was the trouble
    As they took me from the field with a stretcher and a shovel

    Freshman; injustice everywhere
    Never question suppression, stay away from longhairs
    Oo, wa wa, oo

    Fifteen years old oh my God
    I had three years to go as the new kid on the block
    My band was breaking up, my face was breaking out
    I was smashed against the school walls, reeling through the dance halls
    I said: "My guidance counselor, can you help me out?
    I'm so confused I can barely stand up"
    She said, "William, pain is an integral part of your knowledge
    By the way, have you decided where you're going to apply to college?

    Freshman; I screamed "I can't take it anymore. Some one
    Let me out of here I wanna be a sophomore."
    Freshman year was long and cruel
    Freshman year was the boot camp of high school

    © 1983 Willie Nininger


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words