Nursery Rhyme - Dixon

    Chorus:  Sure, sure--what are we waiting for
    Sure, sure--Don't keep us waiting, cause
    We love, to hear you sing a song
    Singer:  Listen all of you to what I've got to say
    Chorus:  Sure, sure go right ahead
    Singer:  Clap your hands if you feel OK
    Chorus:  Yes we do, whatever you say
    Singer: Then stomp your feet, but not too loud
    Swing around like a merry-go-round,
    Swing out--whap pi-tu-da, pitau-tau-pi-du
    Strike out-- Whap pi-tu-da, pitau-tau-pi-du 
    Watch out--Whap pi-tu-da, pitau-tau-pi-du
    Singer:  Here comes happiness
    Chorus: That's okay 
    Chorus:  We feel it, we like it, it's here to stay
    Singer:  Repeat after me, whatever I say

    1. Eni-mini-mine-mo
    2. Hey didle, didle the cat and the fiddle
    3. Humpty dumpty sat on the wall
    4. Little Mrs. Muffet sat on her tuffet
    5. Little Bo-peep lost her sheep
    6. Little Boy Blue come blow your horn
    7. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
    8. Yankee Doodle went to town
    9. London Bridge is fall ing down
    10. Sticks and stones could break my bones
    11. Mirror, mirror on the wall
    12. Peter, Peter pumpkin eater
    13. Jimmy Crack Corn and I don't care
    14. Hey there little Red Riding Hood
    15. This little pig went to the market
    16. Jack and Jill went up the hill
    17. Jack Sprat could eat no fat
    18. Mary, Mary quite contrary
    19. Mary had a I it tIe Iamb
    20. Old MacDonald had a farm
    21. Twinkle, twinkle I it tIe star
    22. Simple Simon says do this
    23. Rock-a-bye your baby with a Dixon melody
    24. Hickory dickory hickory dock
    25. Eeeh--what's up doc (twice)
    That's all folks

    © 1983 Dixon Acosta


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words