Cold Pizza for Breakfast - Christine Lavin

    Some people eat grapefruit for breakfast
    Some people eat oatmeal
    There are those who are sure
    Granola is a very good deal
    But not me--I' don't go for that stuff
    When it comes to nourishment I get more than enough
    Nothing satisfies my taste
    Like sitting down to a great big plate of

    Cold pizza for breakfast
    Warm cake to wash it down
    Maybe a couple of pepperoni
    Makes this meal well-rounded
    I want cold pizza for breakfast
    In a pinch cold spaghetti'll do
    There's nothing in the world
    That I like better
    Than eating cold pizza with you

    My man takes me out in the evening
    He treats me so nice
    We go to the movies, we go dancing
    We go for more than a slice
    Yes we order a pie, eat what we can
    We take the rest home, that's part of the plan
    And in the morning when the sun rises
    He sees that crazy look in my eye

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Herman Tarnower would never approve
    I can hear him spinning in his grave
    He could be alive eating pizza right now
    Except for when it came to dating women
    The good doctor did not know how to behave
    Yech! Yech! Yech!
    Herman was healthy but Herman is dead
    And pizza surely didn't do him in
    Jean Harris is behind bars
    Lookin quite sad and thin
    (do you see what I'm get tin at?
    you tend to kill when you're skinny
    but not when you're fat)

    [Repeat Chorus]

    © 1983 Christine Lavin


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words