Another Rainy Thursday - Richard C. Nardin

    Oh another rainy Thursday
    There's nothing on the tube
    And oh the kids are fighting
    Another dry martini
    And I sit down with the news.
    oh my, the wife is out with the girls again
    Bowling and chewing the fat
    Someone take me away to another day
    When I wore a younger hat
    Cause when we were in college
    We dressed in ragged jeans
    And we kept the campus jumping
    And the middle class predicament
    Was just an awful dream
    And not for me

    We'd raise our voice and the battle cry
    "We want it and we want i t now"
    So get out of the way we're coming through
    And we'll save this world somehow
    And we'll save this world somehow
    But now I'm in computers
    Oh what fun
    We push the little buttons
    And we watch the suckers run
    And if this building had some windows
    Perhaps we'd see the sun
    Every now and then
    But it's not quite as bad as what you're thinking
    Cause I'm raking in the dough
    And there's a nice bunch of guys

    I'm working with some guys
    Called Larry, Curly and Hoe
    But we used to be so wild
    We'd even lived in tents
    And the older generations
    How could they be so dense
    But now I'm over thirty and
    Republicans makes sense
    Oh my, Oh my
    It's the mortgage, the taxes
    The insurance men gotten me on the run
    Like the werewolf of London
    I'm howling at the moon
    Cause what have I begun?
    And I got up to my room
    Oh my, Oh my, Oh my

    1983 Rich Nardin

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words