Rags or Satin - Lisa Garrison

    Rags or satin, should I stay in Manhattan
    Where the landlords fatten and the poor grow more lean?
    I could save a token if I move to Hoboken
    Or relocate upstate and find some air that is clean.

    Cross the Brooklyn Bridge, try the Heights or Bay Ridge
    Where brownstone buyers are speculating.
    For a change of scenes I could move out to Queens
    And live over my means just renovating.

    Landlord, he just wants to raise my rent
    Realtor just wants her seventeen percent.
    I can't even afford a tenement.
    I don't know where my money got spent.
    If I only had a tent! (But all I've got is...)

    Pain and angst! Should I move to the Bronx
    And join the ranks of Sweat Equity?
    I've been looking a lot, and I would sublet or squat
    If I could just find a spot without a fixture fee.

    I'm tired of trying, and I'm getting quite violent
    Wandering through Staten Island for a place to sleep.
    I've been more than thorough checking out the five boroughs
    For a home or a hovel with a rent that's cheap.

    Mister, you can keep your parquet floor.
    I'm willing to settle for windows and a door.
    Just a place to hang my hat, I don't need more
    Or less than an address and a lease that's secure
    (Is there anything secure?)

    Rags or satin, should I stay in Manhattan
    Where I'll surely be flattened when inflation takes its toll?
    If I had any luck, I'd be saving my bucks
    But I'm ten years too late to get on rent control.

    1983 by lisa Garrison (BMI)

    "One of my more unusual interactions with the library of Congress came as a result of this song. In 1979 during a "raggedy" time I wrote this song and registered it for copyright. Six months later I received a letter from the copyright office stating that my check had bounced.
    However, they told me, they had registered the song anyway. Now, would I please send another check to cover the fee. So I did."

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words