Mandolin Band - Alan Beck

    Come along and hear the band
    The one-man traveling mandolin band
    Hear the little children giving him a hand
    The best band in the land.

    They say he was a farmer once
    From the hills of Tennessee
    Had a wife and a little girl named Beth
    A perfect family
    Supper done, he'd just relaxed
    From his hard work all day long
    Took his mandolin off the fireplace
    And played little Beth a song

    And her eyes would sparkle
    And she gave a little squeal
    As he plucked his strings
    To a lively country reel
    And her tiny hands
    Kept time on his knee
    It made him happy
    As a man could be
    As happy as a man could be

    [Repeat Chorus]

    One day while he was in the fields
    A storm thundered across
    A flash-flood swept the house away
    His wife and 1 it tIe Beth were lost
    So now he roams from town to town
    His world strapped on his back
    On the corner he pulls his mandolin
    From his old and tired rucksack

    And he plays his songs to the children there
    His sad face turns to glee
    He's playing for little Beth again
    Reliving a memory

    [Repeat Break]

    [Repeat Chorus twice]

    © 1982 by Alan Beck


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words