Shale City Line - Bernie Shanahan

    Well, she walks down by the Shale City Line
    With the wind in her hair and a tear in her eye
    Well, she loved a young man, a love so strong
    She loved a young man, now he's gone

    They were just two kids in love with life
    In June they would be man and wife
    And the families gave their blessings true
    And smiled upon the joys of youth

    Nothin' comes from nothin'
    That was something they'd always say
    Workin' hard and livin' clean
    Until their dying day
    'Cause you never know when the Good Lord's gonna call you away

    On the Shale City Line stood the house they'd own
    In the Shale City mine he dug black stone
    And they'd meet when each day's work was done
    And dream up names they'd give their son

    Well it made TV and it made the Times
    "Mine collapses with men inside"
    And the radio gave the dead men's names
    In between commercials for razor blades

    [Repeat Chorus]

    [Repeat first verse]

    1983 by Bernie Shanahan

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words