Miami - Josh Joffen

    Being trapped by times and places
    that had laid their claim to me,
    I threw away my heart's desire
    and I called that being free.
    Now I am trapped behind this freedom
    that I won at such a cost.
    I found out how to win so much
    that I'm completely lost.

    Sing to me, Miami, it is hard to be alone
    Your force is unfamiliar,
    and your ways are all unknown.
    It's been many miles and many days
    since I last felt at home.
    I used to think I was a rock.
    I'm sinking like a stone.

    Love came laughing to my door
    and called me by my name.
    I let him walk inside my walls,
    for a while he did the same,
    'Till I became confused and frightened
    by the anger in my soul,
    So I went out and broke his heart.
    He had to let me go.

    Sing to me, Miami, there is summer in your eyes,
    And my throat is hot and aching
    from the tears I cannot cry.
    Your palm trees stand serene
    against your shining southern sky.
    I need to find your fountain.
    My well is running dry.

    There's redemption for the sinner.
    There's salvation for the fool.
    I'm some of both, but I had no intention being cruel.
    And I lost more with that man
    than I can ever hope to find.
    If he were her, I'd settle for
    some simple peace of mind.

    Sing to me, Miami, of the dreams you had that died,
    And how the sea sustained you
    in its arms so warm and wide.
    I have come here to your open shore
    with no one at my side,
    To lose myself in your embrace
    and drift out with the tide.

    © 1981 by Josh Joffen


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words