Clancy - Tom McGhee

    What do you see when you open your eyes
    How do you live with such a terrible surprise
    He was lying there so cold on the floor
    With no money in his pockets
    And no change in the drawer

    And it looks like Clancy won't know when we're leaving
    Looks like he won't say goodbye
    Looks like Clancy won't know that we're grieving
    But he'd damned sure want to know the reason why

    Saw him walking down the street the other day
    He was swinging it along in his usual way
    He had no tales to tell and not much to say
    And it never crossed my mind that he'd end this way

    And it...

    Where do you hide in the deep of the night
    When the blood on your hands is so red in the light
    Who do you know that you can call friend
    Who'll stand beside you when you reach the end

    And it...

    1983 Tom McGhee

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words