Spotlight - Lucy Kaplansky

    I like the way you play your songs
    I like the way you sing
    You look so good in colored lights
    And the brilliant spotlight ring.
    And up there your eyes are fiery
    And hotter by degree
    But weary and confused
    When no one else can see.
    So you need to feel the fire
    When you fear it starts to go
    To feel the heat of all those lights
    Long after the show.
    And you need it so much now
    You don't even know
    If all the world's a stage to you
    Then where else can you go?

    You could come away with me tonight
    I can make it all alright
    You don't need a spotlight
    You just need a home.

    I want to drive away with you
    Far from New York streets
    And hit on a highway
    Where sky and road still meet.
    And the sky out there is bright
    And the moon's about to rise
    It's all there waiting
    If you'd look into my eyes.
    Cause here in the city
    There isn't much to see
    And here in this apartment
    You can hardly breathe.
    And the only lights you see tonight
    Are on the ceiling moving slow
    Flashing signs and headlights
    In an eery neon glow.

    [Repeat Chorus twice]

    1983 by Lucy Kaplanski

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words