My Name Joe - David Massengill

    Joe threw another tantrum
    He could not be understood
    He cries like baby Samson
    His English is not good

    Joe's boss of the kitchen
    But on the outside he knows
    Low man on the totem
    Is wearing give-away clothes

    Joe he fights the good fight
    He wears a white uniform
    The waiters are all artistes
    Out chasing unicorns

    Joe works 14 hours
    After ten he starts to booze
    He gets very sentimental
    He sings the Buddha blues

    My name Joe
    My name Joe
    There is a king in Thailand
    And he plays the jazz drums
    He has a fine and healthy son
    O no, I'm not the one
    My name Joe

    On the wall by the time-clock
    Joe is beaming from a photograph
    Someone drew across his face
    The waiters began to laugh

    Joe picked up a hatchet
    And he tenderized the wall
    When he got through with it
    Time-clock wasn't punching any more

    The waiters ran for cover
    The maitre d' began to lisp
    The drunkard in the corner
    Said his lettuce was not crisp

    The owner called Immigration
    Said, "Here's someone you should know
    He's an illegal alien
    And I think his name is Joe"

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Came the man from Immigration
    Said, "I've got a job to do
    Easy questions, easy answers
    Just point me to the kitchen crew"

    He asked the black from Harlem
    He asked Cisco from Mexico
    He asked the white trash from Tennessee
    They all said, "My name Joe"
    ("My name Joe, my name Joe, my name Joe")

    Immigration man he sputtered
    The kitchen crew they roared
    And while they were arguing
    Joe slipped out the back door

    Down the beach Joe tries to listen
    To the heartbeat of a whale
    How it echoes his own heartbeat
    And the distance he has sailed

    [Repeat Chorus]

    © 1982 by David Massengill, David Massengill Music


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