Nancy Reynard - Frank Christian

    John was a sailor for the Coast Guard
    He sailed into Portsmouth on the Nancy Reynard
    He took a room at the Hollymead Inn
    And an apple faced chambermaid Katheryn Quinn

    Kate she was used to new blokes in this town
    But this young man Johnny seemed like none around
    So she gave him her heart with the wind as their guide
    And wished to remain by his side

    Snow fell that evening and bitter winds blew
    The waves almost snowcapped churned white where once blue
    But for young John and Katheryn Quinn
    The storm and the evening did never begin

    The snow joined the sea, the sea the sand
    John spoke of his love, and asked for Kate's hand
    But awaking at sunrise Kate was alone
    Her Johnny had vanished, her lover had flown

    So quick to the dockside ran Katheryn Quinn
    A dressing gown covered her soft milk-white skin
    Barefoot in the snow, her heart it was scarred
    Half way out of the harbor the Nancy Reynard

    The morn it was still, as those waves leaped towards shore
    Kate thought of her bed bare and the night before
    As sea spray to shore, so come her youg John
    Then return to the ocean, for now he is gone

    1983 by Frank Christian

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words