The City Blues - Jeff Gold

    The peep show eyes
    They blink and they glide
    Over bare breast slides
    The suspecting wives
    Still take the ride
    They got the city blues
    The city blues
    They don't know it
    That's why they do

    Empty pockets parade
    Down the lost arcade
    The alley ways
    Are they beds
    Or are they graves?
    And the city blues
    The city blues
    You can hear them
    From the roof

    And the children still wait
    For the great escape
    Thru truth's false gate
    And they ask
    "Is it love or is it fate?"
    And the city blues
    You got the city blues
    So you better put on
    Your country shoes

    1982 Jeff Gold

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words