Don't Let Me Walk Away - Rae Monroe

    Some play at love as if the game
    Was all there was to keep the pain;
    Of fraility and human doubt away
    From what their live's about.

    Some run from love, deny their hearts
    Afraid that what they've found will part
    From their caress before it's done
    They live alone under the Sun -
    Don't let me walk away.

    I am free I have a choice
    I choose to live, I choose your voice;
    Your eye's caress, your silent care
    Don't let me leave to disappear.

    So many search to find a friend
    But when they do, they just pretend;
    afraid to keep love when it's real
    Denying what they truly feel,
    Don't let me walk away

    We travel through space and time
    We call it life and say it's fine
    If we never meet again
    Passing through so many hearts with ease
    Let's put an end to this forgery and love and laugh
    And get ourselves free.

    What we've been given is so rare
    Many try and fail to care
    To see beyond, to get behind
    Around the nightside of the mind.

    To gentleness and passions strength
    To tenderness without restraint;
    These earnest hearts that beat as one
    Don't let me leave, we've just begun
    Don't let me walk away
    Don't let me walk away
    Don't let me walk away.

    1982 Rae Monroe

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words