Sinner - Vincent T.Vok

    With teeth and nails I devoured the lamb
    To prove to you I was a man
    A sacrifice upon the dishes
    The meat was tender like your kisses
    Soft and warm and unforgiving
    It lay dead while I sat living
    It was killed to be my dinner
    I am the man, I am the sinner

    With tools and weapons I ruined the land
    And scraped the dirt from my hands
    I killed the children and kept the riches
    I built my house upon the ditches
    Among the graves of those still living
    I took their names and left them nothing
    I shed their blood that holy winter
    I am the man, I am the sinner

    With smiles and lies I took your love
    To show myself to be above
    The hate that I myself had grown
    In the trees when I was alone
    With no one but a harmless snake
    And a woman I knew and later forsaked
    I do this still to be a winner
    I am the man, I am the sinner

    With whips and nails I watched him die
    While I myself felt crucified
    A sacrifice above the heavens
    His body sank while his spirit blended
    With the glory that I desire
    But cannot find in the fire
    On the planet that grows dimmer
    I am the man, I am the sinner

    © 1982 Vincent T.Vok


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words