Breaking Glass - M. J. Barck

    I was doomed to live in New York City
    On a block where accidental babies
    Went out with the trash;
    We shared a two-room apartment, tiny and cold;
    To the tune of a love, by Winter, growing old;
    And the sound of an angry young woman
    Breaking Glass.

    I recall our lives were never empty,
    There were tears enough for the third who entered
    And beckoned your past;
    The hours you kept were deceitful and it had to show
    The passion of time she burned, I couldn't control;
    I was trapped in my raging fury
    And Breaking Glass.

    Oh, there's no telling how the coming of love will find us;
    There's no guessing in what way,
    It's going to set us free;
    There's no doubting that the anger of love can break us
    When our actions don't even come close;
    To the people we want to be most,
    And our dreams don't work out as the glories
    They'd promised to be.

    Without excuses I left the table
    Well, I ran like hell while I was still able,
    I started anew;
    I've lost some weight and I'm strong and happy now
    I got over the fiery anger though I don't know how
    The songs we know, they don't drive me crazy
    I stopped the drinking and being lazy,
    It's over at last,

    The painful, sheer, rejection has all gone past,
    The tunes of deceit and loneliness fading fast,
    Gone are the days of anger and
    Breaking Glass

    © 1982 by M.J.Barck


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words