Mac Pherson's Farewell - Traditional

    Farewell ye dungeons dark and strong
    Farewell, Farewell to thee--
    MacPherson's song will not be long
    Upon the gallows tree

    Untie these bands from off my hands
    And give to me my bow
    I've got to leave my brave Scotland
    But a tune before I go--

    Say rantingly and wantonly
    And dauntingly played he
    He played a tune and he danced around
    Below the gallows tree

    There's some come here for to see me hang
    And some to steal my fiddle
    But before that I do part with her
    I'll break her through the middle

    Well he's taken his fiddle into both of his hands
    And he's broke it o'er his knee
    Saying when I'm gone no other man
    Will ever play on thee

    [Repeat Chorus]

    The reprieve was comin' o'er the brig of Banf
    For to set MacPherson free
    But they put the clock a quarter before
    And then hanged him from the tree

    Notes:The song is Scottish, dating from the reign of James I. Jamie MacPherson was real. I've heard several stories as to why he was hung; the reasons given were rebellion, horsetheft, and playing music (sometimes a political crime) . The broken fiddle is on display at the ancestral MacPherson clan hideout near Glasgow.

    The song is also known as MacPherson's Lament or MacPherson's Rant, usually because it's sung by a drunken Scot, a cappella and at the top of his lungs.


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words