A Lot Like Me (Have I Got a Guy for You) - Hugh O'Doherty

    I can see in your eyes, that you've had too much of this phoney singles life-style
    You hope that this time you'll meet someone who won't turn out to be a reptile
    To save you from catastrophe, I'd like to offer a nominee
    He's sharp as a blade, and he' Il come to your aid, and he'd remind you a lot of me.

    Have I got a guy for you, you've come here just in time
    He's charming and suave, and he's quite a heart throb.
    And his clothes look a lot like mine.

    He sings. plays guitar, and writes his own songs but the words sometimes get lost
    That don't bother him because he knows he'll make them rhyme at any cost
    But he can really make a melody, and he excels at delivery
    He's cool. and he's tops, he's with the Boston Pops, and he sounds a lot like me.

    [Repeat Chorus]
    He often counsels the heads of state he's got an I.Q. of 180.
    Depenable as a wind up clock, he's a guru to Dale Carnegie
    He's a model of decency, and relative humility he's honest and kind and he's very refined
    And he acts a lot like me.

    [Repeat Chorus]

    He's handsome and free, got a college degree
    He's all you will need for eternity
    He's got blue dungarees and clean B.V.D.s
    Run out front and you'll see, his name's on the marquee
    And he spells it a lot like mine.


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words