Wasted Love - Paul Joses

    Well you've finally reached a conclusion
    Through some lines you've heard in a song
    You've been saying what's causing confusion
    I can see that you're getting it wrong
    Your lovers, they always forget you
    When the day takes the night from the sky
    There's always another beginning
    And maybe. better surprise

    Wasted love was making you lonely
    Wasted love was making you small
    When it gets down to counting the heartbeats
    No love gets wasted at all


    You've got your guns at the ready
    Don't go shooting me down
    Your hands are shaking, not steady
    Are you slowly coming around?
    Don't jump into the fire
    You'll only get stung by the flames
    Now give up that silly old crying
    You' II only lose at at these games

    [Repeat Refrain]


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words