Que Lindo Tener Papel - Salvador Cardenal

    Written in honor of the literacy crusade that took place in 1980 one of the first programs to be implemented by the Sandinista Front for National Liberation. Duo Guardabarranco participated in this successful effort, which lowered the illiteracy rate from nearly 65% to 12% .This song expresses gratitude for the freedom of expression that the literacy crusade brought to those who had previously been unable to read or write.

    How lovely to have paper - Salvador Cardenal, Nicaragua

    Que lindo tener papel,
    lapiz, manos, gana,
    ya vos, amor, volando en
    el cielo de mis inquietudes
    para dejar salir
    estas palomas que hacen letras
    y que leeras vos
    se hacen palomas que
    atraviesan las ventanas de tus ojos,
    ilevandote el mensaje de decirte
    que son tuyas, nada mas
    que son tuyas, nada mas

    Que lindo tener papel ,
    pencil, hands, desire,
    and you, my love flying in
    the sky of my aspirations,
    trying to free these doves,
    freeing them as they turn into letters,
    and as you read these words,
    they turn into doves that fly,
    passing through the windows of your eyes
    bursting with the message that they bring to you
    These are your words, only yours,
    these are your doves, only yours,
    These are your words, after all


    Marco Giunco
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