Barking Dog Gives - Peter Kaukonen

    I moved out to the country trying to find some peace
    of mind but I live next to a dog thats barking all
    the time: now I done got wise to the way that dog
    will do you turn your back and that dog will turn on you

    My lady came to see me hust tae other day: that dog
    started barking and he drove her all away
    Now I done got wise to what I got a do
    I won't have no dog turnin' round on you

    I'd rather have a horse and feed him down on oats
    than live next to a dog that wants to go for my throat
    etc... (Listen to the mind blow it's quiet in the country
    Kept for that dog and he's barking again now I know
    what I gotta do I'm gonna get me one .45 and I'm
    gonna go talk to him reason with him)

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words