Billy's Tune - Peter Kaukonen

    Billy hangs upside down like a bat upon a bar he
    don't need his eyes they've been put away in jars and
    kept in the dark in the dark
    He lost both his arms in early '92 the doctors
    sayd they'd fix him up as good as next vut they
    couldn't get the spare parts from the city

    His left leg went in early '93 he
    stepped on a mine when he went out to see the
    countryside goig up in smoke going up in flames
    A plane left a trail of thunder cross the sky it
    left the light of novas to burn out Billy's eyes and
    all the birds have flown

    And the meek shall inherit
    The mild shall take over
    The meek shall inherit the whole earth
    For what is worth

    His liver and kidneys replaced with plastic parts he
    sits in the dark and he contemplates his heart it's
    about the only thing bill's got left now
    There'll be no more dinig in family restaurants a
    doggy diner would satisfy his evet want bu
    the neighbar are the dog up yesterday

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words