Postcard - Peter Kaukonen

    I got a golden glimpse of other air
    The raimbow bridge from here to there
    I got the rays from a sunny day
    Captured in your hair
    Captured in your hair

    I got the grey of wintertime
    I watched the waves to pass the time
    I really oughta I really oughta drop you a line
    To tell you what I care
    Tell you what I care

    (And I have the memories of your hair
    Like spiderwebs in sunlight
    And silver in the air)

    I wish you were here he'd have a wonderful time
    I ougtha drop you a postcard I oughta send you a line
    Those pictures of past years anc those places in time
    In time in time he'd really have such a wonderful time
    Time really seems to fly
    It's time time it's time to say goodbye

    (Well I really oughta write you
    But I never seem to get round on it
    Why I sit down at my desk
    And I lapse into a dream the way things used to be)
    Babe why don't you come on home
    Why I really oughta drop you a postcard

    The phrases repeating hung in the air
    Tentacular sound suspended
    Peroxide icicles hang in her hair
    You know she walked off
    And left me with all my world opened
    She left me in my home
    Babe won't you please come on home

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words