I Don't Wanna Have a Nice Day. - Greg Brown

    I been up, honey, all night long,
    It felt right, now it feel wrong.
    I just wanna feed my misery,
    The _Boston Globe_ and some black coffee.

    I don't wanna have a nice day,
    And I wish that you wouldn't say
    That to me, not that-a-way,
    I don't wanna have a nice day.

    I think that somebody unscrewed my head,
    I know I look just like an unmade bed.
    But y'know when I feel this way,
    What it is is a-what I say.  And

    [repeat chorus]

    I can remember a little restaurant, you know,
    Somewhere down around Chicago.
    She threw that Whopper right in my face,
    And then she said, "Have a nice day."  I said,

    [repeat chorus]

    What d'ya wanna do then? Umh!

    I wanna weep; I wanna sleep,
    I wanna get by cheap.
    I wanna creep into the deep,
    I wanna fall down in a heap.

    I'm gonna do it right on your floor,
    If you say that to me just once more.
    You'll have to roll me right out the door,
    Yeah, and give me the ol' what for.

    I can remember what the people did,
    Way back when I was a little kid.
    They didn't ask you to be always high,
    They just said, "thank you" and "goodbye."  And

    [repeat chorus]

    No no no no no nonononono...
    Why don't you have one?  Take two, they're small.
    Da da da da da dadadadadada...
    Why don't you have a day like a painting of a kid with big eyes?
    Why don't you have a day like a painting of a puppy with a ribbon 'round
    its neck,
    Sun goin down over the sea?
    Why don't you have a day like a painting of a kid with big eyes
    Holdin' a puppy with a ribbon 'round it's neck'
    Standin' down by the ocean with the sun...
    Nonononono, I don't wanna.....nonononono, I don't wanna.....nononnonono, I
    don't wanna,

    Copyright © 1995 Hacklebarney Music


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