Indiana - Tom McGhee

    Laying brick until his day is done
    5 o'clock you find him on the run
    driving to town with the radio playing out a memory
    Liars poker at the back of the bar
    he's always leaving but he never gets far
    taking chances when a sky full of
    stars chase the light of day

    Indiana in the afternoon with the sun so bright on an empty room

    Fountain city right by the state line
    waiting for something that can change her mind
    Tracy thinks of a life that she longs to leave behind
    serving drinks down at the Neptune Bar living on tips they leave in a jar
    two kids at home with the memory of a man who's gone too far

    He walked in, she'd seen him before
    later on they talked, their backs to the door
    nothing was said either of them had
    never heard before
    and they knew it when the time came
    to go when the lights were turned way down low with the evening
    ahead of them moving on oh so slow driving through the Indiana night
    with the moon up above
    such a beautiful sight

    In the morning both unable to rise
    holding the moment such a thin disguise
    telling each other all the lies they
    both want to hear
    check out time come a rap at the door
    picking their clothes up off of the floor
    saying goodbye for the whole, wide,
    whispering world to hear

    Indiana in the afternoon...

    © 1984 by Tom McGhee


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words