The Girls of Denmark - Eric Andersen

    Milano is hot and dripping
    The skies are filthy and gray
    What isn't ruled by Roman ruins
    Is now prey to the Red Brigades
    The pope was last seen in the jungles of Brazil
    Such things don't concern the girls of Denmark

    Everything is crumbling
    Clothes are hanging from the lines
    Latin lovers they get angry
    'Cause the girls all go home at night
    Milano, you're the most dangerous woman in the world
    Such women never scare the girls of Denmark

    There's something terribly wrong
    There's too much noise everywhere
    Everybody's running
    But no one's going anywhere
    Last night I dreamed my lover was with someone new
    Such dreams never haunt the girls of Denmark

    America be blessed
    You're still alone
    You're still the place that's right
    For the ones who have gone wrong
    The rain is cold and Hamlet's castle's made of ice
    Men pay any price for the girls of Denmark

    Milano is hot and dripping...

    © 1984 by Eric Andersen, Wind and Sand Music, ASCAP


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words